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BIG30 Experience:

 Achieve One Big Goal

in 30-days

  • Bonus 1: Bring a Friend

    One friend can the join the program with you for free. When we work together we achieve things faster.  

  • Bonus 2: Free Copy of "Feeling The Future"

    This is a PDF of my 203 page book that will help you access the power of the brain and heart in new ways, find your way in the unknown and achieve your 3-month goals in no time flat.

  • Bonus 3: One-Year Membership to the BIG30

    If you’re having problems finding the motivation to achieve your goals but you want BIG Results, this is for you. You can participate in the program again and again for one year, and master the process.

  • Bonus 4: Become a BIG30 Ambassador

    Have you ever wondered how the pros make it look so easy to learn things fast? Well, it's all about teaching what you know and supporting others. In this exclusive bonus, after you complete your First BIG30. you’ll get to be a BIG30 ambassador and help out with the process. This will rapidly enhance your goal achieving capacity.

  • Bonus 5: A Powerful Future Self-Meditation

    You get access to a super powerful future self meditation that I have not shared before, to help you gain access to knowledge and insights about your future. You can use this again and again to create new future possibilities and build a relationship with the future self that has already achieved the goal. 


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