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Here Is What You Get in The BIG30

The BIG30 is a 30-day experience that applies the latest in brain & heart science and leverages the power of group collaboration to help you achieve one big goal.

It is based on my experience hosting the Mind Lab Method (Science of Goal Setting and Future Architecting Workshop) around the world for 3 years.  It is a fun, collaborative, and results-driven process that has helped people achieve 10-year goals in 4-months, land the biggest sale of their life in 30-days, find love again in 4-hours, and connect more deeply themselves instantly.

  • Get Crystal Clear About Your Goals

    You will get crystal clear about the one big goal you need to achieve right now so that other goals will naturally happen. And you will learn the secret of being certain and the power of choosing the "One Thing" 

  • Science-Based Tools To Help You Take Massive Action

    Access the power of your brain and heart. Get access to Micro-Meditations and Visualizations help you access the power of your subconscious. You will learn cutting-edge personal development tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals with ease

  • The Power of Human Collaboration 

    The program is specifically designed to leverage the power of community. You have a group of people working together to succeed together through online interaction and accountability.

  • Transformation to Achieve One Big Goal in 30-Days 

    OK, Not everyone may achieve their goal in 30 days. You get out, what you put in.  If you put in alot, you will get alot from the experience.

What Are People Saying About The BIG30?


Listen to Josh share how he achieved his BIG30 goal and more...



In the BIG30...setting the intention and doing the one thing creates the conditions for me to work towards the goal with less work and more flow.




I just want to let you know that I almost made my full goal of $14k in one month – which is 4 times the amount I normally make. Thank you, Tyler for all

your guidance.



The BIG30 was a huge transformation and an empowering environment – It put everything into momentum and action.



BIG30 Team

Science-Based, Mindfulness Focused, Heart-Centered.

Your BIG30 Facilitator

Tyler P. Mongan

  • Author of "Feeling The Future: Use the power of your brain & heart to achieve your life and business goals with ease."
  • Facilitator: Spent 3-years traveling the world teaching the science of goal-setting workshops (UK, Germany Sweden, Finland, Romania, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malasyia, New Zealand, USA...)
  • Speaker at business conferences on the science of leadership, innovation and foresight. 
  • Scientist: Published Biochemist, Attending Medical School, Ph.D. candidate in Quantum Medicine.
  • Business:  Launched seven business in Hawaii and consults for fortune 500 companies on leadership, innovation and foresight.  
  • Creative: Yoga Instructor, banjo picker (three albums) and Surfer.
  • Goal-Achiever 

Learn it, Do it, Share it. 

 Your BIG30 Cohort Members 

During the BIG30 you will collaborate with like-minded individuals to help you achieve your goals and you will help them achieve their goals. Past participants have  included entrepreneurs, photographers, musicians, coaches, marketing experts, innovation experts, podcasters, college professors, and designers. You will also learn from past participants who become BIG30 Ambassadors when they participate again.  It is a fun and diverse group that allows you to access new possibilities in your life and business. 

Want More From Your Life?

And if achieving one Big Goal in

30-Days with a Friend isn't enough to get you excited, you're also getting these four bonuses!

  • Bonus 1: Free Copy of My Book "Feeling The Future" 
    This is a PDF of my 203 page book that will help you access the power of the brain and heart in new ways, find your way in the unknown and achieve your 3-month goals in no time flat.

  • Bonus 2: One-Year Membership to the BIG30 (Participate more than once)
    If you’re having problems finding the motivation to achieve your goals but you want BIG Results, this is for you. You can participate in the program again and again for one year, and master the process.

  • Bonus 3: Become a BIG30 Ambassador 
    Have you ever wondered how the pros make it look so easy to learn things fast? Well, it's all about teaching what you know and supporting others. In this exclusive bonus, after you complete your First BIG30. you’ll get to be BIG30 ambassador and help out with the process. This will rapidly enhance your goal achieving capacity.

  • Bonus 4: A Powerful Future Self Meditation 
    You get access to a super powerful future self meditation that has not been shared before, to help you gain access to knowledge and insights about your future. You can use this again and again to create new future possibilities and build a relationship with the future self that has already achieved the goal.  

The Next Cohort Launches on October 15th

The Big30 is $97 and includes a one-year membership to the program.

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