How "Feeling The Future" helps you achieve your life and business goals

fast and with ease. 

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Are Your Ready to Start Feeling The Future?

Some of the things you get

I spent 3-years traveling the globe speaking at conferences and teaching the science of goal setting to entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses. This book shares some of the secrets I discovered along the way.

  • Why Goals Are Not What You Think 

    they are and how they point to a new future you.


  • Why Brain & Heart Science is a Key

    to achieving life and Business goals with ease.

  • A Simple 5-Step Method

    for creating rice-cooker futures...set it and forget it 

  • Why You should NEVER just think about your goals

    and how to use the power of feeling to discover your best possible future.

  • 10 Lessons Learned from hosting...

     the science of goal setting workshops around the world.

  • Neuroscience based tools & techniques

    and micro-meditations to access new possibilities and timeline your future life and business goals.

I have been integrating the teachings into my daily life and am FEELing lighter, happier and INSPIRED in a way that I have not felt in a while. It has been a catalyst for many changes in my life that I am really enjoying.

Rodney C.

Business Owner - Cafe

“I feel like I am at a crossroads and needed to step out… this work allowed me to have the tools I need to do this and I know it is possible.

Mind Lab Attendee

Chiang Mai, Thailand

What an amazing presentation last night at SoHo House LA. Your talk was illuminating and inspiring, with a much more tangible takeaway than some of the events and speaker sessions I’ve attended there.

James M.

Brand Manager

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